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i'm sorry you had to go through that BB! sadly, your results are more common than the advertisers would like people to know.

i saw a woman in the ICU who had gone in for a hysterectomy (if i remember correctly) using the da vinci. they also nicked her bowel, and her end result included weeks in the ICU, a colostomy, and an abdominoplasty.

as per one of the surgeons trying to put her back together, true mastery of the da vinci takes at least 900 hrs (per procedure mind you). most doctors start performing surgeries solo after a 2 hours workshop put on by the manufacturer and less than 100 hours of working with another surgeon with more experience.

i'm definitely not a luddite, but then again i am not quite ready or willing to bow down to robot overlords just yet...
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follow-up: this link did end up giving my computer a couple of trojans. i'm still working on getting everything cleared up. i guess thats what i get for perusing the internet at work...
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the link caused a program to run on my comp that made me freak out! a quite legit looking bubble popped up saying that my comp was infected and it needed to be scanned, and it just started scanning. i'm running all my anti-viruses to make sure that the "scan" didn't infect me with anything, but so far so good. still, seriously not cool. you may want to warn people...
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