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I can't believe that this doesn't have a dozen comments already!
I listened to the audio clip, and was moved to tears.
Scott Miller is a lucky man to have a mother like her!!!
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I just showed this video to my Doberman. He says there is something really wrong with that dog and that no self respecting Doberman would ever act in such a reckless and wanton manner...let alone voluntarily go into a pool!!!
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Years ago I had a cat, named Frankie, that had that. He was the most affectionate, lovable, uncoordinated kitty you ever saw! He'd try to run, and go around a corner...and would just fall over. He couldn't jump worth a damn, so we'd lift him up where ever he needed or wanted to go. His head bobbed constantly, like he had parkinsons. Our vet said it was because he had had distemper when he was a tiny kitten. There was never any proof that he'd had distemper at all. Anyway, if you ever come across a kitty that shakes and bobs around like Charley and Frankie...give them a chance!
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I'm guessing glasslite made these. That's the only manufacturer name I see on the package.
After doing a google search for Glasslite, I found this little tidbit:
"MacGyver toys were never fully devolped in any country but Brazil. Glassite from Brazil took the license and produced some rather neat toys. The series consisted of many vehicles, but only one figure. The figure wasn't the best rendition of Richard Dean Anderson, but the card artwork is stunning."
Here is the link:
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