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I got the atomic energy badge... second easiest badge I ever got: just listened to a lecture for a half hour or so, and then showed I had an extremely cursory knowlege of how a nuclear reactor works.

Easiest badge: "indian lore". That was less than half an hour of a guy randomly discussing "indian lore".

That's sad about the beekeeping badge rintrah...
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Some organic milk will last longer than your nonorganic choice... if the store only carries a national organic brand, then it might have been extra pasteurized so they can ship it across the country. I use Parmalat (ultra-pasteurized) for my coffee at work because it will last forever even at a few teaspoons a day.
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It's a markup for the convenience of not having half your milk go bad if your household don't use very much of it.

I've fallen victim to the assumption that everything at Walmart is cheaper than elsewhere... often not true.
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Has anyone else noticed the advertising promoting cars that get 30 MPG? I've seen ads on Hulu and at dealerships. Sorry, but 30 is just not that impressive.

(I can get 40 in my Civic if I drive right, and I know that the Honda CRX and Geo Metro and other tiny lightweights could get in the 50s...)
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This BBC article doesn't really seem to have a point or coherent argument.

Why is the foreign press under the impression that the US is some kind of monolithic place, and are always so suprised to find different kinds of people and different conditions in different states and cities? I've obviously felt safer travelling around the countryside in England than I did in London. And I felt safer in the commercial center of London than in more dangerous neighborhoods.... and the same in New York....

Anyway, gun ownership is sort of independent of overall crime levels. It just happens that where they intersect there is the possability that people get shot. No different in any other country, except that it's easier to get a gun on the black market in the US than in the UK.
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Willo the Wisp, your comment is based on some old myths about organic farming (that it somehow produces less per acre, generally not true), and on a common misapplication of technically "organic" techniques within an otherwise "conventional" agricultural practice (i.e. simply swapping technically "organic" fertilizer inputs for technically "nonorganic" inputs, so it still requires a large outside supply of expensive fertilizer; an optimal organic/biodynamic farm makes its own fertilizer, and the only major "input" is time and work.)

Well, this afternoon I'm going to do a bit more planting in my "organic" garden... which has cost me nothing this year other than about $30 for seeds and a few weekends worth of work.

Anyway, find some local farms near where you live. You may still be paying more than at the supermarket, even with the recent price increases, but you will be contributing to longer term stability and local economic health.
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