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PS: As far as the original article, well Jungerman offers nothing more then typical hateful right-wing rhetoric and hyperbole with no substantial debate. These folks live in a world of exceptionalism that has no place in today's contracting realities, they damn well know it, but could not give a hoot. They will continue to dig in their heels and throw every last wrench into the works if things don't go their way, I don't expect this kind of home grown ignorance to dissipate any time soon.
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A friend of mine is a small farmer with a 50+ acre spread, he gets nada, fact the local Ag groups are coming down (debilitating regulations) on the small sustainable growers. All the while never to be sustainable, or competitive, big sugar continues to extract millions in subsidies, not to mention it is a virtual poison that causes much of our country's health issues. So, there is lots of room in cleaning up gov./big-ag., I am certain every region can find a 'boondoggle'. Small anything is still ignored in this country, there just is not much help for ANY small enterprise.
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