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When I'm getting my haircut, I often hear all around me: "Finger length?" and the number of the razor they want to use for the sides. They can easily whip through a group of men faster than the same number of women.
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They started playing it as a Christmas classic song just a couple of years ago, and it's always creeped me out. It's a classic seduction that could easily be classified as date rape. She says no, and he keeps wheedling her, giving her more alcohol, and guilt-tripping her.

It was an all right song for its time, but its only connection with Christmas is that it sounds vaguely like "Let it Snow."
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That seems to be what he meant. Plenty of weight on top of that steel doesn't need melting to bring it down.

Wish he had been clearer with his explanation. Conspiracy nuts thrive on ambiguity.
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You're watching a video of the monitor itself, which is playing back a recorded copy of the footage - complete with blurring of the pickpocket's face. The fingers are of a person pointing at the monitor. The zooming is probably that same person zooming in on the playback on the monitor.

Seems like the police officer was calling the guy who watched the dude fall and then calmly walked away, the "bastard." He did nothing to help.
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They visited a tree. They should have gone to Cyprus instead. Much nicer.

Why would they need notes? I picture the teachers just sending them off at the airport. "Have fun, kids. Learn a lot!"
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