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I also like the added math skills required with Imperial. Multiplying and factoring by more than the power of 10, in and of itself, means not letting my math skills deteriorate over time for the sake of convenience.

Each system also "speaks" differently about different things. When I drive, I drive in metric because cars and most roads talk metric. When I measure, I measure in imperial because my body talks in imperial - i.e. my thumb is an inch, my hand span is 8 inches, my foot is a foot, and my gait is a yard.

Fahrenheit also allows us to speak in "ranges" - i.e. "in the 10s, 20s, 30s, and so on, through to the 90s, and into the 100s", something that doesn't really resonate as well in Celsius.
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The thing that's nice about Imperial is its cultural roots. History is inherent in every measure unlike metric whose derivation is predicated almost exclusively by the abstract power of 10. One is rich in context. The other is rich in logic. There's room enough in this world for both, or at least, there should be.

In our Age of Disposable Living, we tend to discard context in our impatience for newness and the superficiality of "new and improved". Like languages, there's always more to be gained from assimilation and co-existence, than arbitrary displacement.
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