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There must be some mistake, it's a well known fact that the shortest amount of measurable time is the time between when the light turn green and the person behind you honks.
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I'm mostly with Dermot--the world needs people with different perspectives. Those who chose their pursuits are more motivated than those who feel like they have to for no other reason than they must (so they major in English or Business in college). Sure, they may not end up particle physicists (though they could!) but they won't be CEO of the next Enron or Goldman&Sachs either.
However Foreigner1 makes a good point, you need to achieve a certain level of perspective to be able to deem this path appropriate.
One thing this country does need though is to start treating teenagers more like adults. Teens all over the world have responsibilities and expectations and they deliver...American teens don't because they're babied or get condescension from adults.
I remember being an senior in high school at the age of 18 and cursing this fucking society for making me ask the teacher for a bathroom pass. It also means people spend their twenties trying to figure themselves out and work out many things they could have in their teen years.
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Most whales don't have teeth, but yeah I was thinking along the lines of Sabertooth fossil crystal reproduction or something.

As if Catholics don't suffer enough sexual repression, this is the kind of thing that will make all of them feel like they'll burn in hell.
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