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I've always assumed that it was because I live in central Kentucky that my local Starbucks doesn't care when I say "medium." I'm glad to know it's a common thing. My favorite though is to rattle off a long drink around here. If I order a "single grande, 5-pump rasberry, 2-pump chai, organic, no water chai," I will get a different drink every time.
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I am going to sue my neighbor, because their internet keeps coming into my home without my permission! Can you believe the nerve? My tree limb was growing into their daughter's window last summer, they called the cops, and I had to cut it down! Now they think they can just run their WiFi into my home without consequence? I don't think so!
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You aren't reaching over fences to steal apples. You aren't stealing ipods out of unlocked cars. People are coming by your house and throwing these things in your window. Big difference.

If anything, shouldn't the one paying have some legal consequences? If I purchased one buffet meal and brought back enough for 10 people to eat at my table, and everyone started eating, I would be in trouble. So if I have internet and make it so that people can check their email outside without having to pay for it, how am I all of a sudden the victim? They make it out to be leaches vs. the paying user. In actuality, if anything, it should be leaches and paying users vs. the ISP. Because would they feel better if the guy who wanted to check his email dropped the paying user $5? Not in any other case they wouldn't. They wouldn't be cool with two neighbors hooking up their cable TV to one box and splitting the bill. They would consider that stealing. And if I make copies of a cd and sell them, I'm in trouble. So the only proper legal case would be for the ISP to sue.
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