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There is a quiz on that has well over a 100.... here's the link for those of you are as crazy as I am. I am now obsessed with learning them all in my "spare" work time. Good luck to any who take it! :)
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That is adorable! I know my cat would love to have a scratching bird too, pwscott.

I think that the cat knows better than to try to take on that bird... it is bigger than the cat!
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Oh my goodness, after being a kusudama kit at Epcot Center in 2004, we finally deciphered the instructions. The result was that exact origami ball. I now have about 20 floating around in my house. It's a great stress reliever.

Obsessed much? yes.
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the coconut crab is delicious. it's meat is so sweet because of their coconut eating habits. heh. they are pretty hard to find and pretty menacing looking.
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You'd be surprised how common this is. When I worked at a veterinary clinic, we'd always see poor snakes with CHUNKS taken out of them b/c the owner's would just put a live mouse in there and leave it be. And the mouse would feast first. Eek.
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That's awesome, I've seen something like this at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, it was quite interesting. It was of a horse and rider.
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Fast food is great, bad for you, but great. It's amazing that people can live off that stuff, but eh, c'est la vie. Their vie.
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Pantone has awesome products and I believe that I saw mugs like these and notebooks etc, available for purchase at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. At least I bought a few things there myself, perhaps they have more things!
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