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In the shakespearean era, many people wished to correctly measure their eggs while they "watched" a show, so at the end, they can save the best eggs for the worst actor.
As an added bonus, the king never figured it out. Kept him busy.
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for all those civ fans...
with a little probing into the game's files, you can get the MP3 file of Baba Yetu. (go into my computer, cuise to where it's stored, open game file Assets, Then Sounds, soundtrack, then you will find it labled Opening Menu)
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well, the answer is obvious.
He wants to do something so dastardly, so unpredictable, that it would leave Dr. Doofenshmirtz in shambles!
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I believe that a world currency is a great idea!
just not yet. Nemo ^ is right. once we can bring the world unto a single general "worldness", then a central currency can be born. I say that the obvious time to release a global currency is when there will be a global government, to regulate it, to mint it, and to keep a treasury of it. AND IN OTHER WORDS, A SINGLE WORLD GOVERNMENT DOESN'T MEAN MOST POWER, IT MEANS IT WILL ACT AS A PARENT TO OTHER GOVERNMENTS.
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"Crap, my finger stuck to it! I knew that was a stupid dare!!!"
"okay, Beth, on a count of three, pull, okay? One...two..."
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