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I'm going to disagree with you on this.

In general, as women get better educated and gain equal rights in society and the workplace, they (1) gain the choice as to whether or not to have children, and (2) realize they actually have a choice. And many choose to have fewer children. They become people, and not just baby factories.

The decrease in the Japanese birth rate is the RESULT of their feminist movement, not because of a lack of it. Women are no longer "repositories of men's bodily fluids" (as they describe it in the article you linked) and they use their newfound agency to have less children.

Here is some support for what I'm saying:

Education and Fertility Rate:

´╗┐Gender Equality and Fertility Rate (no U-shaped curve):
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At first glance, this appears to be a man who was convicted of a crime he didn't commit, then later freed after the mistake had been proven to a judge.

In actuality, the three years he spent in jail was all while his trial was underway. It took them that long to make a judgement, and he was found not guilty. This is simply a case of the judicial system being very slow, combined with a rabid prosecutor who wouldn't be deterred by facts and logic.

It's things like this that caused the US founding fathers to include a speedy trial clause in the 6th Amendment. They knew this type of stuff happens a lot.
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All I can see is that this would cause inflation. Which would then necessitate raising the basic income level to account for the devaluation of the currency. Which would then cause more inflation. And another raise. And so on...

I think these types of ideas should be run past economists to see what effects they might have. You need to be really careful when you mess with stuff like this, because things that seem like good ideas (why don't we just print a bunch of money and use it to pay off our debts) turn out to be really bad in practice.
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Personally, I think young kids should watch this video, because they're already watching Home Alone 2 where the main character throws a brick from a three-story building, hits a bad guy on the head, and nothing serious happens.
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