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you know that power plant that made the electricity probably put out a fair amount of pollution. Im just playing the devils advocate after reading about googles database computers' power consumption is off the charts...
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Its a little overkill yes, but so is getting fired, as the job of coach is to lead the team to victory. Had the other team scored once it wouldnt be an issue. IMHO
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@ashley, I cant say Ive ever seen a tall thatched roof house, and seeing my dogs chase mice and birds, I can totally imagine them up on the roof, especially with all the neighbors crap piled high in the back....
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I dont agree with many of these.
-Mad Hatters used lead forms for their hats
-Raining cats and dogs was when they fell through thatch roofs during storms
-Saved by the Bell is a boxing term
-Acid Test was the experimental use of hallucinogens, surviving meant your brain was still intact...
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