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Call me weird, I don't care. Weird is to me like a psychiatrist calling his victim/patient obsessive or compulsive or depressed or neurotic - commonplace.

Weird is normal. Immoral and unethical on the otherhand are unacceptable.
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I bought my mom an iPad - she had no idea what an iPad was before she received it. I guess she is just a stuck up rich snob now...

Sorry mom!
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Some psychiatrist somewhere has his hand in this bullshit article.

You can tell when a psychiatrist has a part in something. It always has something to do with the drugging, suppression, or oppression of a people or class of people.
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Yes, exactly like Jason Bourne, but not! Exactly not like Jason Bourne, and that's what he wants us all to believe. Or noT!

What a shitty article...
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Wow, thanks for that post.

In the few years I have been reading from Neatorama that has to be the best post I have seen so far. (Second best was the post about how Disney faked all the Lemming suicides for a documentary they made.)

I love the movie Airplane!, and now I have to see Zero Hour! .

Great post Johnny Cat!!!
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Children on psychiatric drugs are killing themselves. It happened in Florida and it will hapen over and over until people see the truth about the link between psychiatric drugs and suicide/mass killings...
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