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I vote "Prodigies". Instead of a "Genius bar", you could have a "Prodigy Pub".

Maybe suineg, genius backwards.

BSODs would also be pretty awesome.

Or, hey, just "Windows". "Microsoft Windows: let us give you a clear view into your PC."

ROFLcopter Pilot, please!
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Alright, that ends my steampunk rage. I'll admit, when I was a tween, I was totally a goth. Now I'm into steampunk. I suppose it's kind of true.
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Cathy, adopting instead of buying is a wonderful practice. However, my family purchased our dog from a local pet store owned by a family friend. Were we a little to the north, they'd now be facing closure. They support animal rescues and, in fact, encourage people to check the local shelter/rescue chapter before buying at their OWN store. That said, they are a store. Why should they be penalized for stupid customers?

Ultimately, that's the thing I have issue with here. They're deciding, as a city, to eliminate the wrong part of this equation. If the problem is so great in San Francisco, institute a waiting program or- as someone else suggested- a class. Don't punish responsible, reputable pet stores and their owners for the mistakes of potential buyers!

And, yeah, what the hell is with the fish?
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I think that, though it has wonderful implications, it'll probably have a negative impact. Just like physical abuse laws have made the line somewhat unclear in disciplining children, this will make it vaguely illegal to jokingly insult someone. I think it'll ultimately do good.

As for the way the article is written: it's pretty shameful that they gloss over the issue with "OMG STOOPID EMOSHUNAL FRENCHIES." Taking things out of context is one thing, but blatantly misconstruing a law meant to protect and aid is entirely another.
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Wilson was one of the worst presidents domestically (and diplomatically) and Obama's on the list? Well, apparently you don't have to do much to be a great president.

Next, please.
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And, unfortunately, Vlad Tepes/Dracula wasn't even called a vampire until the Western European monarchs decided his tactics were a little too far gone (after they'd supported him against the Turks) and they came up with some blood lust legends. He wasn't even considered a real "vampire" until centuries later.

So sad, poor Vlad.
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