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Ann Margaret was right: this wouldn't freak out your dog at all. Just like finding out my dentist has his drill and suction thingy built into his chest cavity wouldn't freak me out while lying there.
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They've got one in Rome as well: the Ponte Milvio is clad in padlocks too. Known as the Brigde of Love, the ritual in this case is performed by couples, not by 'young women'.
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This took place in my home town; it's akward to see a post about it on my favorite website, since I'm not sure wether to be amused or ashamed. It certianly makes my country seem clumsy at the least. Still funny though...
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Actually, a 3 to 4 Db reduction makes quite a difference: because of the way the Db scale works (it's logarithmic, apparently), for every 3 DB reduction, the sound we perceive is halved in intensity. So yes, please bring on the fancy blades for trauma helicopters that operate from inner city hospitals while I'm trying to get some sleep. Please? Thanks.
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It's a tool that helps you tie knots, mostly for tying down cargo: you wrap the rope around the protrusions and through the holes, and by turning it, you can create various knots that would otherwise be hard to tension properly (it also allows you to handle cargo safely without having to learn how to make all kinds of tricky knots by hand).
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It IS for an insurance company. A Dutch one in fact, now called "Centraal Beheer Achmea". They started a campaign in 1986 based on visual jokes like these, with great succes. Their tagline "even Apeldoorn bellen" is now used as a wisecrack for similar situations, and as captions (Googling "even Apeldoorn bellen" yields several pictures of unusuals mishaps).

This website hosts many of their TV-commercials: http://www.centraalbeheer.nl/cbi/cb/corporate/fun/commercials.jsp Much of this material is properly funny stuff, and the one called "Egel" (Hedgehog) has actually won an international award.
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