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I am living in Denmark at the moment and yes they do eat eel here. Along with many other disgusting pickled type things! Ewwww...
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I think it's creative. At first I thought this was going to be one of those sad cases you know all hoochied out but kudos to this couple for doing something original.
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I love this idea! I think it's wonderful they are coming up with new ways to empower the handicapped. The disabled would be kicking butt left and right in this bad boy!
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Oy vey. Is this really in the best interest of the animal? I believe in helping keep the animal comfortable in time of sickness but frickin radiation?? They're lucky it didn't fry his little drumstick right off!
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I don't know I always feel bad for animals that live in these situations. I'm sure it's a novelty and it would be funny for at time but I always think, "wouldn't the monkey like to be doing monkey things?"
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I worked at a fertility center for 4 years before I quit. People are so desperate for just one child they can't see anything other than that goal. Once they had their kid they just didn't care anymore.
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