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You can tell which of these are 'decorative' libraries by the lack of tables, comfortable furniture, and books strewn about. Diane Keaton's looks like it was built specifically to be photographed for home magazines.
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Yeah, I love Pixar's stuff and I couldn't watch a minute of this because the editing was lazy and the music was terrible and totally dissonant from the visuals.
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Agreed. This is one of the first commercials in months that made me stop FFing the DVR so I could watch it. I still couldn't tell you what it was advertising though, so it's still Kryptonian 1, Adwhores 0.
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This is definitely neat, but how great would it have been if it had captured something like a pick-pocket in action or someone tripping, or a game of hackey-sack? Definitely has potential for an incredibly cool short film.
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Re: the rage over the lack of steam in some "steampunk" -- what else would you call it? Tesla-punk? Static-punk? Waterwheel-punk? There were other means of powering devices in the Victorian age, yeah? Steam is cool, but not the only thing.
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This cop will NEVER live this down. "Hey Mike, why don't you take down that perp like you took down Bumblebee?" "What are you, working for the Decepticons now?"
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Basically, it's just a bunch of people doing stupid pointless stuff and demonstrating how empty their lives and minds are, and the voice is obnoxious as hell. The bit where they started folding the shirts, though, had potential. What if someone used a flash mob to actually ACCOMPLISH something? Or would that be too boring for these mush-heads to participate in?
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