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"Fed up with men and the male world (pretty much like every other woman who has ever lived..."

"Well I'm fed up with women ... , just like every other man who ever lived.."

(gosh that sounded harsh, now that we're talking about women)

Why don't you try swapping the sexes and then reading what you've written? Check if it's insulting to you then.

Just because men ignore these casual and common sexist insults doesn't mean they're not offensive
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Can Kutcher play that big of an asshole? Although Kutcher might be a dick, playing a dilutional megalomaniac sociopathic asshole is a big step up.

Not sure he's a good enough actor.

...although I hear he takes credit for the work of others and is a master of hype sans reality.. so maybe there's hope?
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That's a really peaceful and warm video :) What a nice sense of family and calm.

(so much better than all those videos about parents giving prank gifts to their kids and making them cry)
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Neat idea, expanding perspective. I'd be curious feel what it's like. Maybe I'd appreciate and enjoy myself more at this age?

Also, I'm guessing WordyGrrl isn't, like, an engineer :)
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No, they did not let a boy in. They let a girl in who happened to be born with parts normally ascribed to boys.

There's a difference.
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Chalk it up to Miss Narrowminded to post up a video with a discription like this. I bet she also thinks her type of people are only capable of dry humor or sarcasm.
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