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This makes me furious! There's no way this woman should have been punished that harshly if at all. She's only trying to better her life and the lives of her children. If ever there were a case where a slap on the wrist should be the worst punishment this is it. But instead they are ruining her life by preventing her from becoming a teacher. There is no way this is ought to be a felony.
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Star and Carling Black Label have to be the two nastiest beers I've ever tasted. However I can't drink Bud either because it's so acidic that even after a couple I'm hovering over the Porcelain God.
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Um...Patricia, Patricia, Patricia...
Michael Vick was involved with dog fighting.
That is way, way, way worse than being a homosexual--whether that homosexual eats fruits off the naked bodies of his/her fellow homosexual friends or not. But thanks for sharing your secret little fantasy with us.
Why don't you try to stay "busy and nicer" and not be such a homophobe?
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I agree with Manticore about PETA. Great concept, misguided radicals.
I was a member of PETA some 25 years ago before they went off the deep end. I believe that all shelters should be no-kill shelters, euthanizing only those animals that are dangerous or very sick. But I do not believe that people who eat meat are "murderers."
Dale, come on, dude or dudette (I'm guessing dude.) Your comment about "mandatory abortion" straight up inspires the response of "heil Hitler!" Mandatory abortion would be just plain wrong. I am pro-choice, but one must notice the word CHOICE!
I think that the so-called "doctor" that inseminated Octomom should be strung up by his 'nads. Talk about an unethical action. This woman should have been sent to counseling, not helped to bring so many kids into her already messed up world.
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