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As I read the comments I learned 2 things:
1)Abe Lincoln was once young. Thanks Ivan for reminding us that Abe was young at one time.
2)Jealousy needs no facts.

I see a young Abe in the photos and to anyone that doesn't that's ok - move on. Stop trying to use smoking mirrors to hide the fact that the details of the facial features are exact.
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Hey Jasper, You are mistaken they are still wearing butterfly collars and bell-bottoms. So the photo of those dorks would look like it was taken 40 years ago!
They don't want to admit that if the photo is real(which in my opinion it is.) It's probably worth millions!I also admire Dr.Jerome Corsi and love his books, (Which also are best sellers), and if he says the photo is of a young Abe Lincoln than I believe,I believe!The guy who discovered the photo should get some kind of medal and a date with a supermodel.Its funny how people who weren't even around 170 years ago when the photo was taken can be so insistant about the clothes and photo technology? Where is that *&^%$% President Obama when you need him. To mediate as he usually does, I will buy the beer I already have the nuts.
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To the abe lincoln observer.
Oh please give me a break. Why are you so jealous?
for those people who say the photo is not Abe Lincoln fine! everyone is entitled to an opinion. But to say it is not him without researching the photo in person is just being hateful and jealous.Have you even seen the photo in person? Can you answer the fact that the person in the photo has all the characteristics of abe lincoln including his diformed jaw, lip, mole etc.This is a blog and the only misinformation being spread is yours. As for the clothing, I am pretty sure you still wear 1980's clothes and if someone took a picture of you they would think it was taken 30 years ago.Get a life.I believe it is Abe Lincoln and nothing you say will change my mind. ROCK ON ABE!
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