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On a related note: the Austrian town of Fucking uses heavy concrete fundaments to secure its traffic signs from frequent theft.
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Even if his death were related to the Marines I would still not see a reason for the loan to be forgiven.

Becoming a soldier (especially voluntarily) does not automatically transfer responsibility for one's financial situation to the government.
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So somebody raises a loan, spends it and dies before he can repay. His heirs inherit debt.

Isn't this what life insurance is for?
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Would be nice if it could incorporate zoom a little more. The tube ride in chapter four is quite tedious at street-level.
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What really upsets me about this case is that the lady is shamelessly snooping on her godson's correspondence.

Isn't there such a thing as privacy awareness in the US?
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> But the major received orders to
> get rid of the dog within four days
> or he would be shot.

That's what I like in military justice: You get shot for

a) desertion
b) nursing a dog
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