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"You've worked wages most of your life"
Part of my life, I owned day labor halls before a ruinous marriage, in other words my ex wife wrote bad checks at 7 dif banks. I left, went to Missouri.

And you say I assume to much.

Alex knows my history very well, he also asked me to write here as a regular author, I had to pass, as it took months of getting on my feet again after being literally on the street to get here.

You can kibitz all you like corpse, doesn't dismiss the fact that Zucker keeps using your info to make his income.

Have fun taking more stabs, doesn't bother me, just shows your low regard for others.
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"So really you're just an old man with Internet access who likes to make younger people feel inferior."

If you are already inferior, nothing I say or do will make you any more so.
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Sorry JustSayin,
Was there for 30 years, but now I'm in Missouri. Good work though, very.

And corpse,

I will never listen to an individual who won't be an individual, I.E. hiding behind a screen name.
Are you not proud of who you are?
Didn't think so.
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I've also decided to fight fire with fire, so even though I won't watch a movie about a consummate asshole,
I will download it illegally, burn hundreds of copies, and get rich off Zuckers back like has off the millions of people like you tools.
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Mino and corpse,

You two probably still believe anything you do on the web is private. Keep on with that thought, it doesn't require a tin foil hat to know I could find volumes on the both of you through your fake names.

I, at least, have the balls to use my real name, and neither of you will find much on me.

It's all how you use the web, and Zucker has used it to get rich off of fools like you both.

Enjoy a little happy time while I forget either of you responded.
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Millions don't and didn't.
Bad enough a Hugely popular show like SNL, which I started watching as the very first show years gone by, glorify this viper and greedy shitbag.

Good job helping him out of a jam.
Sad that America has become worshipers of this type pf individual.

I know, money talks, bullshit walks.

Good job Miss C, you are way better than this crap. Go back to acting like it.
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Yes I do, from the first day it started, I haven't used it since he admitted what he was up to.

Max Power, nobody is forcing you to think like the masses and not an individual.
When the lemmings start jumping off the cliff you will be there among them, I;'ll be off to the side laughing at you, douche.
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Then you are a sheeple and have no clue what is done is done with your PRIVATE information on his site.

If you are so small in the head area and feel this tyrant deserves ANY pat on the back through a hugely popular show, then you, sir, are no better than him....

Find that amusing too?
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I don't agree that this is "neat" at all.
Zucker is living human stain in the knickers of the users on his site.
His comments toward users, the lack of privacy he affords them, and the fact he admits that your information WILL BE SOLD, don't warrant any news other the news of his passing away.

People like this should never be put on a pedestaland worshiped. It's bad enough he's worth over a billion dollars.
Let's let him stew in his juices quietly.

Non neat, non interesting, and thoroughly non news worthy for anything other than his trollish behavior and ignorant attitude toward his fellow man.
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