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When I saw this up, knew I had to comment. I check neatorama everyday during my free time because, well, it's neat. I really enjoy most of the things that you post on here, and if you guys are going to redesign it, it should increase functionality and be visually nice to the eyes. :) Most of us here check back on it very frequently, so there are a few things that I wouldn't mind if you changed:

CENTER the layout! I don't know about you, but I don't like looking to the left all the time, no matter how used to it I get.

Add more color because although white and gray are nice colors, they aren't very colorful by themselves. Color coding?

That whole "Where to from here?" section at the bottom- I suggest you get rid of it. I didn't notice it until two seconds ago. Usually I go down until the next page button and then click it, not going down further. It would go a lot better on the right side that is usually blank (if you don't center it, that is :P)

You could also put the mystery results and neatorama updates on the right side, too, because it will be there until the next time and isn't with the whole "neat" stuff.
Other than that, you guys are doing an awesome job
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I've heard of knitting with dog hair. Saw it in time magazine or something..... it's not that weird and doesn't kill the dog.
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