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When Khrushchev visited the U.S. in the 1950s, he was so fascinated with corn that he became obsessed thinking it was the model of efficiency and the future of Soviet agriculture. He demanded corn be the new fodder for livestock (i.e. increased meat production, thus the poster) and increased its production input over staples like hay and wheat. The corn craze lasted through early successes until the mid-1960s when mass corn crop failures ruined collective farm output and turned farmers against it.
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Everybody in the history of everything has copied their predecessors. Tarantino just hit the right formula at the right time for the right audience. Not arguing your point, it's valid. - stupid person
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Wow, I was totally going to try this at home but then I realized I'm not a gullible, humorless sad-sack who can't enjoy a little wit on a short work week.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who posted above, please remember if you enjoy turkey tomorrow, it goes in the oven not your head. -_-

Sorry for the reality check.
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'But conspiracy theorists beware: mass deaths by birds are actually quite common (the US Geological Service’s National Wildlife Health Center website listed 90 in the last 6 months alone)'

My thoughts exactly...I was researching how often this occurs.

The combination of media hype, new year apocalyptic doom, close proximity between incidents (and now widspread incidence) made this story what it is.

This reminds me of a story I read a while back involving mass hysteria.

Windshield pitting incidents in Washington reach fever pitch on April 15, 1954.
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I was staying in Kiev, Ukraine about 5 year ago and some small markets sold really cheap draft beer. You could get a small draft 0.25L for $0.20 US based on the exchange rate!

Their locally brewed house beer, Obolon, is really good Bavarian-style pilsner. Needless to say, I definitely miss that deal.
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