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It's a civil-war-era coprolite; further scientific analysis revealed that the individual that made the *ahem* deposit, was in fact full of the stuff.

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Perhaps it is some kind of carnival game type wheel, missing the hand. Spin the wheel and a 1 gets you the basic prize, 2 a superior prize, or 3 the top prize. The odds are slim, and if the bottom prize is adequately less than the cost of a ticket (and the other prizes not overly extravagant compared to their relative probability of winning) you have a positive economic outcome over time for the operator.
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I wonder why they offer voting by e-mail for only select absentee ballots. That seems patently unfair to people who are living farther away (ISS being only 220 miles from the surface of the earth and orbiting 15+ times per day). Voting by e-mail clearly isn't rocket science, so it shouldn't only be reserved for astronauts.
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it's used to hold a cover or somesuch on the top of a large barrel for transport purposes and/or to keep a lid on in stationary situations where internal pressure in the vessel might otherwise force the lid loose.
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I'm afraid I was beaten to the punch. Kevin said crank for tightening a rope bed, and I agree. Remember the phrase 'sleep tight'? That's where it came from.
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