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I gotta stick up for Dasani. The best water I ever tasted came from a well in the mountains in Colorado. Delicious. Clean. I loved it.

Dasani tastes exactly like that water.
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This is where those embedded strips in newer bills come in handy. Even when someone "washes" a smaller bill and reprints it perfectly they can't change that little strip. A washed and reprinted bill will pass the marker test but the strip will still have the lower denomination on it. The strips are in a different position on each denomination too.

Also look for the watermark. Washing doesn't get rid of that either.
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"...the kids love fizzy grapes, oranges, and blueberries."

Kids love fizzy fruit? KIDS?! Hell, *I* would love some fizzy fruit. *bookmarks page and starts shopping list for Lowe's*
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There were more like 9 or 10 sharks there. As soon as the camera swings over to the heron for the first time and the sharks make their fast run at the school you can see a few more sharks come from the top left.
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The first thing I wondered (of course) was how much this would cost. Their 18,000-piece puzzles are around 150 bucks so it wouldn't be a surprise if this one cost twice that at the very least. Then there's the shipping cost, which makes my head hurt a little to think about it too much! I'm sure it would be a very ouchy price. I wonder if the company will produce many of these puzzles at all. They're so big few people will have room to put it together. It's too bad that getting one is out of my budget because I'd like to send one to my mom. She's a big-time puzzle junkie and she finishes them pretty fast but this one would just blow her mind! It would be so worth getting just to hear her freak out when she sees it!
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Charlie's a good example of something I've always said: Ugly cats are like Bigfoot. I've heard of them, but I've never seen one and I don't think there really is such a thing. I'm glad this kitty is getting some publicity from this article, he's sure to find a good home now and more people will be inspired to help homeless pets because of it too.

I wonder if part of the reason for him not getting along well with other pets, especially cats, is because of his ears being gone. They play a big role in just about every animal's expressions of body language and Charlie's lack of ears might be hampering his ability to interact with other cats that way. Maybe they see him as threatening?

BTW, for him to still have a normal life at 14 after such a major surgery is a testament to the skill of the vet that treated him. After seeing this, I know I want to take my cats to that vet!
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"'s definitely possible for him to get a normal office job."

Only if he figures out a way to hide that huge labret!

"Wow....even more balls he'll never get to use."

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So they were going to steal some jewelry by smashing through the windows of a store, a ROLEX store filled with high-dollar merchandise and therefore filled with high-tech security...while it was OPEN, in broad daylight with people and cameras all over the place recording their every move in a crisp color and high-def digital video?

Yeah, that was a brilliant plan which surely would have never failed if it weren't for that meddling old lady and her 26-pound pocketbook!
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"Who cares about a swear at work?"

Really. Had it been me there EVERY kid in a 5-block radius around that store would have heard me swearing like a drunken sailor arguing with a drunken trucker, mainly because I'd be unhappy about having to clean up such a huge mess!
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Well, Lisa, it's a good thing for you *I* wasn't the person who made that video because I would have ruined it! It made me laugh so much I lost my breath and got scared I was gonna cough up a lung. Phew! I needed a few minutes to recover from that and wipe the laughter-tears from my eyes!
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vonskippy said:
"My tax dollars go to my schools for MY kids."

Heyyy...and MY tax dollars go to YOUR schools for YOUR kids too! I pay several hundred dollars a year in school taxes EVERY year and I DON'T HAVE KIDS! I hope your kids are enjoying their nice school in their nice district where you moved to your nice house so your kids don't have to rub elbows with any 'hood rats from the projects. Just keep in mind that there are plenty of other childless people out there just like me who are forced to help pay for little Jimmy and Susie to have the laptop your Snob Hill school district hands out to every kid and who gives a crap about the kids of a single mother over in the HUD Alley part of town? They aren't from YOUR neighborhood so why should they have their hand in YOUR pocket? Never mind that their mother has been working hard for years to better herself and provide for her kids. BY HERSELF. Never mind that she wasn't a crackhead or a welfare queen pumping out a kid every year so the government handouts keep coming and she won't have to go to the botheration of working for the rest of her life.

If thinking this is shameful and disgusting makes me a "bleeding heart" then so be it. At least I *HAVE* a heart, you self-righteous pig bastard.
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