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Laugh if you will but a shanty is preferable to abject homelessness or even the vehicle-based living I prognosticate so many of the working-poor class will have to resort to; especially when we are dependent upon the meager amount obtained via Social Security.

Many USA citizens never had access to employer-provided pensions and as the years sped by even more jobs scrapped pensions and said "tough luck."

Of course, the presence of multi-millions of illegal aliens competing economically in so many ways harmed us while assisting the tightwadness of employers.
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Research conducted many years ago concluded that, generally, devotees of the sci-fi genre possessed higher IQ levels than those shunning sci-fi.

Around three decades or so ago I read the study synopsis.

Agreed then and still agree with it.

Minimize self back-slapping please.

Must maintain some decorum.

Miss Heinlein and others.

Not enough Cards around... though only a few of his works tickle my innards. Those that do make my liver quiver.
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"THE MAIN REASON that blacks and mexicans are likely to be involved in violent crimes is that they have a much larger percentage of their demographic living far below the poverty line? If you think the reason they commit these crimes is their race, and not their desperate poverty, then think again."

I have thought again and have done so for decades.

I doubt you have done little, if any, reading regarding the subject.

Ponder the possibility that it is the culture carried within the sub-groups you mention vice skin pigmentation levels and income level that results in those two groups commiting such high crime rates.
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I believe that the influx of a tremendous number of uhhh "immigrants" from below the border will explain the large amount of disease within San Diego.

No medical screening for those entering uhhh... not legally.

As for areas with lots of crime, I fear the reality of the situation is that despite the desire for political correctness the lower the percentage of Caucasians in an area the higher the violent crime rate.

Kinda' hard to debate statistics and data and my own personal observations from constant travel to every major and most minor cities within 46 of the 48 contiguous states.

The mantra of embracing diversity and multi-culturalism always left me cold. Without at least a semblance of shared mores, beliefs, modes of behavior etcetera I fear Abe Lincoln's warning may come about... "A house divided can not stand."

I fear the Founder's Great Experiment is headed for a fall; that the Union faces inevitable disintegration.

But, that's okay. As long as warm fuzzy political correctness makes everybody feel good.
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Give us time. The war between freedom-loving people and the elite-class-owned USA federal government is a little over 200 years old but we, the people, will hopefully win some day; despite the concentrated wealth and power of the elite class, BIG corporations and the special interest groups in collusion with the enemies of freedom.
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