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For the keen-eyed, Ikea has shortcut doors throughout the store. Experienced shoppers can get in and out to the register in a few minutes.

Its a rat maze for the newbies though.
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I was at Fenway Park a few years ago where there was a somewhat mentally challenged young man (with a great voice) singing the anthem prior to the game as part of an awareness campaign. I think he got a little weirded out upon seeing himself on the big screen and couldn't keep it fully together. So the whole park chimed in and sang the remainder of the song with the most enthusiasm I've ever heard for "The Star Spangled Banner".
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I first saw a Pallas's Cat about a little over 10 years ago at the Denver Zoo. The adult cat's cuteness was of the stop-in-your-tracks-what-the-heck-is-that-its-so-cute-and-amazing kind.
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I lived in Seattle through the 90's and I remember first moving there. Starbucks was common but not nearly as ubiquitous it is now. Grande was, at first, nonexistent. There was just "short" and "tall". You can still get a short sized drink if you ask for it.

It seemed to me that the terms "tall" and "short" were local shorthand for the available sizes regardless of whether the espresso shop (or shack) was Starbucks or any number of other coffee startups.

I'd been to many bars across the region where I could order a "tall one" or a "short one" and receive the sized beer that I wanted. Nothing to do with Starbucks there.

So it seems to me that as Starbucks expanded out of the Northwest U.S., "short" and "tall" made them distinctive. Grande and ultimately venti continued that distinction.

Lastly, lattes in Boston stink. I miss you Diva Espresso in Greenwood!

Waiting for my lesson in proper usage of quotations,

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@Kelly6029 Since the bits are not clinging to the cat, I presume its some sort of anti-static styrofoam. So, a dustpan would work great.
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No real comments here on Grass from Sherri Tepper. I remember reading it in the early '90's and liking it a whole lot. I try to keep my book diet varied and I too think it had a lot to offer the non-SF reader.
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I tried this trick for my lost cat. Used a sports bottle and went out after dark. Did it work? Who knows. But the cat did come back the very next day. :)
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