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Are you guys INSANE? These cutaways could be used by eco-Iranian-terrorisms-people to blow up our nuclear plants, or build one of their own.

After this weeks Greenpeakce oil rig sabotagers, we can't be too careful!
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Well, speaking as one who worked on hand-drawn animated features (for Don Bluth, 1988-1993):

Anyone (not saying this of the poster) who thinks that the animators got some kind of free pass has NO IDEA what they're talking about. We routinely used live action footage as reference - and it was brutal at all times.

The animator has to re-draw the entire scene, replacing original characters with completely new models. The only save is in staging, which guarantees an appealing composition and timing - but from the point of view of drawing, it's a long and tedious process.

I never liked working with live action reference, and using an earlier drawing would have about as much appeal from a creative angle. I don't know any animators in the traditional world who would want to be handcuffed in this manner. In 3D, the nearest analog would be MoCap - a style of animation that's very frustrating to work with.

Even a non-animator artist can try a simple test: print out a single frame of any Disney film, then place a clean sheet over it. Now, draw a different character over the original, matching pose for pose. It's even more fun with a backlight.

Now, imagine the fun you'll have when you're rolling a stack of these things, 5 drawings at a time - flipping between two versions of key#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5, etc.

And people wonder why animators like to drink.
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