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I used to live in The Presidio near the pet cemetery. It's a great place. All the markers are hand made and often the owners listed their names and rank on the markers. There's beloved pets from Admiral's all the way down the ranks resting there. Very sweet.
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Learn about Raw Milk. Just as the filth and poor conditions can lead to many life threatening illness, the opposite is true of well cared for and clean cows milk. Using the poor conditions of city livestock from a hundred years ago to legislate against raw milk today is just willful ignorance. Pasteurization, even "flash" pasteurization kills all healthful enzymes and microbes from food, not just milk rendering indigestible. Its no wonder were all, all of sudden lactose intolerant. Milk used to be a super food, today its just a nuisance food with confusing nutritional details. Raw milk can be a wonder food if it comes from healthy source. Learn about where your food comes from and demand the availability of healthy cruelty free foods and get some.
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I'm so tired of this conversation. Most ppl don't even get the point, but rather take the opportunity to race bait, hate, and point fingers.
The real reason the AZ law is wrong has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. It has to do with the fact that the law makes a blanked assumption of guilt. So all ppl end up being in danger of being treated as guilty illegals. Which means any lawful US citizen can be treated like a criminal. And that is against the constitution (read amendments), where we are all innocent until proven guilty.
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