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A mandatory school lunch is the standard practice for public schools over here in Japan. If done well, this can be a good thing.
1) A nutritionist at each school designs the lunches and offers a breakdown of each meal at the beginning of each month. That means I know the nutritional value of everything I'm going to be eating in advance.
2) Each lunch has locally sourced ingredients, is cooked at school, served by the students to each other, and absurdly consistent at 850 calories.
3) Each lunch follows a basic guideline: protein, wheat/grain, vegetables, dairy. About twice a month students get a treat of dessert, chocolate bread or a sweet of some kind.
4)Any parent can opt their child out of the system. One girl in my school has a few dietary restrictions and keeps her bento (boxed lunch) in the teachers fridge.

In comparison to the lunches I had (served to me, bought in the cafeteria or brought with me)the lunches served to the kids I teach are ridiculously healthier. They are much cheaper for the parents (and teachers too, since they usually eat with the students).
I understand the Big Brother fears (seriously, I do) but I would like to point out that something substantial, offered to everyone equally, is a good thing. It just has to be done first with the right intention and then with dedication.
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The moon is a fascinating ball of rock. Irwin Shapiro (Harvard astrophysicist)jokingly said, "The best explanation for the moon is observational error - The Moon doesn't exist."

1. The Moon is freakin' huge, we're talking ginormous. A natural satellite of the earth should be something closer to 30 miles in diameter, Luna is over 2000 (that's bigger than Pluto).
2. The moon doesn't have a magnetic field, but it's rocks are magnetized.
3. Some moon rocks date back 4.5 billion years and there's even one that was dated 5.3 billion years old (that's a billion years older than the Earth.
4. Moon rocks have also been found to contain processed metals like brass and mica, and uranium236 and neptunium237 (those have never been found to occur naturally).
5. The Moon also appears to be freakin' hollow!
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Directions are given by compass, distance and by referencing landmarks. "Take the east exit and turn left. Go three blocks. Turn right at the Takoyaki shop. Wait for the tatoo'd man." That's if your traveling by foot or train. If you have a car then you likely also possess a GPS and needn't worry.

AS for cutlery I side with caveman. Chopsticks are delicate and require practice. They are so designed to enable a person to delicately select a single serving of food and gently place it in ones mouth. A fork/spoon allows anyone (on their first try) to shovel large amounts of virtually anything into the mouth. You don't even have to pay attention to what your eating. Heck with practice you can skip the chewing part altogether... much more efficient.
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What does Peter Schiff say? He was the only one trying to tell people how bad everything was going to get while everyone freakin' laughed at him. In retrospect we see that he was right about everything. Did anyone even apologize to him?
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