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1) This girl is a teenager, who had an eating disorder i.e. a MENTAL ILLNESS when she was a younger teen. A MENTAL ILLNESS characterized by compulsion and obsession to the point of self harm. So yes a pre-teen viewing a faux sense of beauty and thinking she's perfect, I want her shape is 100% logical because she had a mental illness. You can't look at something that is irrational and view is if she were a logical rational human being at the time. Once you start eating 200 calories a day... logic is gone.

2) http://www.peacelovelunges.com/sports-fitness/ask-sam/what-if-barbie-were-a-real-woman/ The in this articles barbie is actually NICER than what other people say. Google other peoples results.

The doll wasn't meant to be perfect it's meant to inspire debates. The problem with many of the media is we say "Value women who are normal and not emaciated" and then they give us plus size models... its the extreme opposite. Normal is normal. Sizes 6-10 would be fine to have in the public eye for what women should look like ( and I say that as an obese woman working on changing my body now).
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