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I say yay! Go, Steve! I think we can co-exist with bears without driving them out of every square inch of what has always been their territory. Give them space to live, and use methods that they understand (loud noises, rubber bullets...) to keep them out of our living rooms and don't draw them in with our garbage, and both we and the bears can survive.

I live in New Mexico, where we still have a lot of wilderness for the bears and I've had some awesome encounters -- in open land where I see them from a distance and we each go our own way, and once in a narrow canyon where he was between me and my only way out. In this case, he climbed up the canyon side to let me pass. They aren't out there to get us -- they are just trying to survive, and I think they have every right to do so.

Grizzlies are a different matter than black bears, and the Grizzly Man did push the limits to what was obviously a fool-hardy degree (if the goal is to survive -- though the truth is, none of us get out alive), but I bet that if you could interview him in whatever after-life there may be, he'd still be smiling about it and have no regrets.

You want to avoid bears? Move to NYC and surround yourself with muggers and gangsters -- I'd rather the bears.
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Love that duct tape! The two most important items in any tool kit -- DT and WD40. If it moves and isn't supposed to, use the DT; if it doesn't move and is supposed to, use the WD40. Too bad DT is no good on ducts.

And a joke I made up as a small child (forgive me, but I still think it's funny): Why do they call it duck tape? Because it quacks when you pull it off the roll!
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I like the concept and the detail, but I would find it much more interesting if there was more variation. The possibilites are infinite, but she just does the same thing over and over and it gets rather boring. I also agree with Carruthers in questioning the marketability of this. I'd like to see his dad's creations, though...
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