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Just an old man on his daily stroll checking to see if everyone is using their garbage cans for lawful purposes, citizens, nothing to see here.
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re: door closing---It's contractual. Same for pilots. Not every airline does it that way, but most do.

Also, OSHA and workers' comp apply the same way as anywhere else. Some airlines (like some non-airline companies) just make it much more difficult to prove an injury was 'on the job.' It may be more difficult for a crew member to prove an injury was 'on the job' just because the 'job site' is so out of the ordinary. It should go without saying, though, that if a flight attendant is injured to the point that s/he's taken away from the airplane in an ambulance, the burden of proof isn't all that hard.

Finally, about the skirt/hem thing: I have no idea what the author's talking about. That may be specific to his or her airline.
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Good call. I'd hate to be in the john if the power connection faulted though: "Helloooo there!"

...on second read, positive current flow allows it to be transparent; it turns opaque when the flow is cut. Neat!
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The One Ring To Rule Them All's amorphous slag leavings, I have a buddy who's been looking everywhere for that. Calls it his 'semi-precious.'
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Even more accurately titled "Man sticks flute in horse's nostril, records results." Or, if you want to keep it from the horse's perspective, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING."
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