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"Question #2 is the “What do you own?” countdown, which is both fun and annoying to answer".

He brags about owning a set # of posessions, then complains when people ask the obvious question of "what are they." It reminds me of my friends who are vegans who deliberately identify themselves to others by what they eat, but then get annoyed when people ask questions about it.

If we're having a conversation and I tell you I'm a soil collector, I would hope I don't get annoyed when people engage me in conversation about the topic that "I" brought up and "I" deem so important that I use it to identify myself.
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The school is a government agency telling you how to raise your child. Today they tell you what you can feed your child at school, tomorrow they tell you what you can feed your child at home. Parents should be speaking up en masse but this is a very poor area of Chicago where many parents rely on the government for most of their resources any way.

Here in California there are schools with "zero sugar" rules where you are prohibited from bringing any sugar onto campus. Other schools go through your child's lunch and throw away cookies or gatorade or anything with peanut butter and send you home with a note.
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