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Given that the jam appears to go right to the top (there's usually a gap between the jam and the lid, right?) and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary (other than the word of the photo's submitter), I'd say they emptied some out, turned the jam jar upside down and put it in the fridge.
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Yes, this mirrors my own research on moths, which demonstrates that their main habitat is the immediate vicinity of candle flames and lightbulbs.
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Have you ever actually been in a car when a pedestrian suddenly steps out in front of you? I doubt you have, because it really is shocking, and that's an understatement.
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"Original" here is a meaningless term. Most fairy stories are folk stories with a long and largely untraceable oral history, and come from a long tradition of telling and retelling. The Grimms toured Europe and wrote down particular versions by various storytellers, out of the thousands of possible variations. So there's no way of knowing which is the "original" version of a fairy story, and Disney's interpretation is as valid as the Grimms'.
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So this little toerag was willing to jeopardise the tattooist's reputation and livelihood, and caused him all that stress, because she didn't want to admit she'd done a stupid thing? how utterly, utterly selfish. She totally deserves her ridiculous tattoo.
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