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"Heart health African American recipes"?
Seriously? Wow. *checks recipes* ok... these recipes look like stuff any person of any race would possibly make.IF anything, I'd say maybe more South USA regional, but African American? What makes these recipes apply to black people only?

How can other races bitch so much about white people and then constantly do things that are so freakin' racist... its so dumb.
"We don't want to be stereotyped! Oh, by the way... here are a bunch of racial recipes you white folk' have never thought of making! We were just born knowing these recipes. Its in our genes..."

Likely I am the only one here who sees the problem. *sigh*
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Age is just a number.
I'm 34, I play MMOs. I watch my little pony like a boss. I still get carded/asked for ID in most clubs and when buying cigs/booze/whatever.
I bike, I jog, I work out. No crumpled up old person crying about a bad back.
I'm not bogged down by all the expected life accumulation that comes standard with my age. No kids, no ex-husbands.
I keep up with trends (yes, I read le rage comix).

I'm "grown up" when I'm in the mood to be. I file my taxes, I pay my boat docking fees, I like to go on wine tours.
But honestly, I really find a lot of "older audience" stuff really dull.

Yeah I used to own a commodore 64. And these days I have a PC just like anyone else, and an Ipad...and smartphones. I keep my brain up to speed. I had a PDA long before the iphone was popular. Cause I'm hipster like that.

So "kids these days" know more about robot chicken, than they do liquid TV. Ok.... and then?
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Chioropteran took the words out of my mouth.

Please, you greedy people have plastered billboards across the landscape. There is nowhere a city dwelling person can look to escape the onslaught of humans, except the sky. Please, you own everything. Don't take the moon from me. It is all I have left. untouched. Unmolested. I see the moon, and can become a zygote for a moment, a lone entity in a sea of stars.
Marr the moon, and kill my dreaming. A final nail in the coffin of humanity.
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So when your self-entitled kid just CANT bare the thought of actually working towards their own gold and wants it NAOOO NAOOO NAOOOO WHAAAA! Remember, not only are you screwing over other players who work for their own in-game currencies, but you're effing up people in other countries.
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Fake story is fake. The daily Wh.at had an in-depth article about the fakeness. Geeze Neatorama... go back to snagging your content from monthly magazines or something.
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This guy is more dedicated and focused about things that don't matter than I will ever be about things that do matter. What does that say about me? I dunno, mate, I dunno... but I'm feeling a tad intimidated by this bloke atm.
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When I see a stupid fashion, I get a rage. I am not a nerd though, so its not nerd rage. Its a "Ugh, that is so retarded, who thought that crap up?" fashion rage.
What would that be called?
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Oh sure, you guys are all fine eating this stuff... but just imagine it coming from some middle aged, morbid obese, hairy, stinky, ape woman who just had her 7'th kid on welfare and needs extra cash.

Not so tasty now, is it?
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I know its evil of me... but I really get the urge to crawl in there and burst through a wall or something. Maybe burst out the ceiling? hmmm...
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Tacky as anything. I wouldn't want this anywhere in my house. It looks like it would go well next to a unicorn snow globe, black light posters, and tiedye beanbag furniture.
There was skill in the making of the candle though, and I give a head nod to that... but the rest... yeesh.
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I bet it was the umbrella that set the alpaca off. Some animals just freak out over umbrellas. Try opening one near a dog sometime and see what happens.
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