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2050AD will probably resemble life as it was in 650AD. In other words everyone will be lucky to live to forty, survive on a diet of whatever they can catch in the forests along with goodies like spuds, cabbage and onions from veggie patches.
The ultimate food will be a fresh lettuce and clean cup of water. Clothing will resemble that of the Dark Ages, many will go around barefoot and fashion will have gone out of the window. Windows will also be a thing of the past, along with electricity, oil, machinery, transport systems (except for mule & cart) and money will be useless. Bartering will be the way to get things.
Politicians and presidents will have given way to regional warlords governing a quasi feudalistic society where all hangs on the prospect of a good harvest and fair summer. Winters will be particularly severe as the sun enters another cool period and snow will certainly fall every year, often several feet deep.
Disease will be rife, all the old horrors like bubonic plague will resurface, child mortality will be incredibly high, something like half the infants born will die before reaching five years of age.
Names like Internet, Microsoft, AppleMac and software will be soken of with awe, almost like mythological entities.
Not depressing, but a realistic scenario of a world brought about through the greed and ineptitude of people like T. Blair and G.W. Bush. Still, that's called progress.
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