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randall-if you think that you have no clue how painful and crippling real depression is.

I'm on drugs for depression. With them I'm not in emotional agony all the time, only about half the time. I'm not looking for happiness, just releif form constant pain.
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I was 28 and at home alone. My mother phoned and said "I heard the space shuttle just exploded."

I ended the call as soon as I could do so politely. I was annoyed-didn't she have more sense than to believe a wild story like that? Yes, an awful lot of us had that level of trust in NASA. As a friend said, that day "we all lost our virginity in space travel."

So I turned on the tv and left it on CNN for hours. I didn't go to work that day(an animal hospital) but a coworker was in the darkroom developing an xray when she heard others talkign about it. She knew it was something awful but couldn't make out the words till she came out.

We'd being renovating and my stronest memory is of weeping, staring at the tv with a tray of drywall compound in my hands. And some poor man, I forget who, a relative of one of the astronauts. They kept showing him crying till he drooled.

When my husband came home we watched it all over again. He'd known the basic facts but couldnt learn any more while at work.

Less than 2 weeks later I met the friend I quoted above. Christa McAuliffe's cousin was her landlord.

As far as old enough to remember goes, I was in first grade when JFK was killed. I remember a lot less of that, but it's in my memory too.
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