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Wow - just went to the website - here is a tip from the "Sensitivity Vocabulator" there:

My whole life, I never understood what people were talking about re:PMS until now all of a sudden at age 46, and it is not pretty - I sprout fangs! That is so abnormal for me, though, that I am able to be aware that my reactions are out of proportion and exercise restraint.

So, I am torn - I see the humor and I initially smiled, but I do find the targeting offensive. Women are not consistently hysterical irrational out-of-control creatures who are here to make men suffer and kowtow on a monthly schedule.
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Loved this!
Language geek me had to type it into Google translate, which unfortunately doesn't understand elves. Quelle domage!

Physiological laxative, the only functional reeducation by the intestine.
The sponge and cleans,
Avoid appendicitis and enteritis
Cure hemorrhoids
Prevent excessive overweight
Regularize the harmony of shapes


The medical opinion:

I certify that the JUBOL has real value and great power in intestinal diseases and mainly in the constipation and gastro-enteritis I ordered. What I affirm the truth of the faith of my degree.
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