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Lowercase b and p are not the same shape rotated. To turn a b into a p you have to mirror it and then rotate it. You can check it for yourself by writing a b on a sheet of paper and then turning it. At one point it will be a q but not a p. Which is not to say that b, p, and q aren't all easily confused shapes that make it harder for some people to learn and use the roman alphabet.
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I think the most important question is: is this the result of a fairly and consistently applied policy. A school I attended had a rule banning both text and logos on clothing for grades 8 and lower. I didn't like the policy but appreciated that it wasn't discriminating against any particular message or group and was by and large evenhandedly enforced. That of course didn't stop me from insisting that this rule meant that people should not be allowed to wear clothing with the school name on it since it was both text and a logo.
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Almost 30. I hear it and agree that it doesn't so much hurt the ears as give me an instant head ache.

Given what I was like as a teenager if they were doing this anywhere near me I'd get some high quality ear plugs, dress in my most ratty grunge/punk clothes, and hang out with my Gameboy for hours on end smoking a giant stogie (if it's outdoors). Just to needle them.
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Imagining this happening to me made me speachless with anger for a couple of minutes.
Adoption should obviously be reversed in cases where the adoption was not voluntary and both the original parents and the children want it reversed.
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