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Did You Miss These Subtle “Star Wars” Easter Eggs?

Cameos, elusive details and references, mini mishaps, and many more. You don’t have to be The Chosen One to appreciate all these Easter Eggs from Phantom Menace to Force Awakens. So, brace yourselves for these minor details that you may have missed from the beloved saga.

Head over to here for all 21 Easter Eggs!

(Image credit: LucasFilms via BuzzFeed)


Here’s How to Cook the Perfect Fried Egg

Whether it’s on a slice of hot, toasted bread or plain by itself, fried egg or "sunny-side-up" is one of the simple culinary joys in life. How you cook your egg makes all the difference in the world. So, try out these pro tips (hint: a lot of olive oil and just the right amount of heat) and make your loved ones think you’re a master chef with the perfect fried egg, according to Spanish tradition with an American twist.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? 

Find out more here.

(Image credit: Gear Patrol)


15 CAThartic Tweets That Are Viral Gold

Cats may have a bad reputation for being antisocial, mean, pesky, rude and self-important--hold on, I’m really just describing Mr. Grinch-- but see if you still dislike cats with a fiery passion after checking out these melt-your-heart tweets compiled by Casey Rackham

Aww… such pure creatures!

Check out all 15 tweets over at BuzzFeed.

Photo: natsdorf via Gyfcat


“Hello!” “Nĭ hăo” “¡Hola!” - Top Apps for Translation on iPhone and Android

Lost in translation? It’s always useful to have a reliable translation app on-hand, especially for travelers in a foreign country where you don’t know how to speak the local language. 

Breaking the age-old language barrier has never been easier as it is today in the Digital Age. Many a faux pas has been avoided by taking a moment to be quick to hear and slow to speak. Still, learning from experience is the fun part and we’ve got hundreds of foreign language tools and resources available at our fingertips!

Lifewire gives us the 6 best translation apps for iPhone and Android users. Here, they consider the pros and cons of amazing features like quick and alternate translations, text-to-speech, phrasebooks, camera translation, conversation translation, and many more. 

Photo: mohamed hassan / pxhere


7 Ways to Make Your Macro Shots Look Even Better

How do you make close-up shots of tiny things look larger-than-life? You’ll be amazed to find that macro photography is an accessible hobby that does not necessarily require expensive equipment or a far-off destination to get the best shots with what you already have. We’re given useful tips on how to enhance macro photo quality and how you can apply these even when using your mobile phone to capture small subjects, like the insects in your backyard. 

Here’s a summary in 7 key points:

  1. Get a macro lens for your phone
  2. Find your subject: Insects and flowers work best
  3. Shoot in manual mode
  4. Use burst shooting
  5. Get the focus right, even without focus stacking
  6. Bring in some extra lighting
  7. Edit for impact

Find the full article here

-via CNet

Photo: Aris Ioakimidis / Pexels


Excel Keyboard Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Who says you can’t have fun while working? With the help of these viral shortcuts, what normally takes you several clicks and scrolls could be done in a matter of nanoseconds. Try out these Microsoft Excel hacks or bookmark this cheat sheet to save yourself valuable time and effort, whether at home or in the workplace. 

Here just a few: 

  • Shift+Space: Select an entire row
  • Ctrl+Space: Select an entire column
  • Alt+Semicolon: Select visible cells
  • Ctrl+Plus: Insert new row or column above or to the left of selected row or column
  • Ctrl+Minus: Delete selected row or column
  • Alt+Plus: Calculate the sum of selected cells
  • Ctrl+N: Open new workbook
  • Ctrl+S: Save current workbook
  • F4: Repeat last action
  • Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow: Move to the first or last cell in a column
  • Ctrl+X: Cut data in selected cell(s)
  • Ctrl+9: Hide selected rows
  • Ctrl+0: Hide selected columns
  • Ctrl+T: Create table
  • Shift+Arrow key: Add one cell to selection
  • Ctrl+Period: Move active cell clockwise

Find out more here

-via Mental Floss

Photo: EsaRiutta via Needpix


Why Do Gluten-Free Products Exist?

To go gluten-free or not to go gluten-free, that is the question… on the minds of many Americans today who are avoiding gluten for many different reasons. Gluten-free products cater mainly towards people with Celiac disease, a medical condition that is characterized by having a severe allergy to gluten. But it’s also become an increasingly popular option for even those without the disease who are seeking a healthier diet or lifestyle.

Gluten is basically protein in wheat products and it can be difficult to digest for people, possibly worsening or causing health issues. 

Whether or not you avoid gluten is a personal preference. Some people simply avoid it because they follow health experts who recommend cutting it out (which is totally fine). If you don't think you have any issues with it and aren't concerned, you don't have to follow a trend simply because other people do. And if the evidence above concerns you, then taking out gluten is a simple way to avoid the health risks some claim are associated with it.  

So, why hop on the bandwagon? Here are top reasons for why people avoid it and the effects it can have on your health, according to nutrition science and health professionals.

-via CNet

Photo: Ray Piedra / Pexels


Customize Your Own Emoji for Free with This Neat Website!

What’s a fun way to make your online chat conversations more interesting? Here’s one: create your own personalized emoji! 

Emoji Maker gives you a simple interface for customizing your favorite emoji templates to create a brand new one. You can build on a blank template and add as many layers as you want or use the randomizer tool for a surprise. 

The only downside for now is that you cannot add it to an emoji keyboard, but you can download it as a png file and easily send it as a sticker. 

-via LifeHacker

(Image Credit: Emoji Maker)


Quick Tips on How to Tell Whether a Photo is Good or Bad

"Good photos come from experience; experience comes from bad photos," says Nigel Danson, a landscape photographer with over 150k subscribers on his YouTube channel where he gives tips and techniques for landscape photography. 

In his recent video, he analyzes some of his “bad” photos and gives 5 points to consider in order to tell whether a shot is good or bad (I have added explanatory questions to go along with them): 

Balance - Do the various elements in your photo complement one another? 
Flow - Is there a simple and easy-to-follow direction for the viewer’s eyes? 
Attention - Which details stand-out and are being emphasized? 
Simplicity - Can your viewer understand what’s going on in the photo?
Distractions - Is there too much going on at one time in the photo?

Danson discusses what makes a photo a good one at 8:11

These tips are just a guide and he cautions that, 

It’s a good idea to get other people’s feedback, but then you’ve got to treat it with care; if you just take everyone’s feedback, then everyone’s gonna have something different and you’ll end up with nothing.

So, get feedback from other people but remember to stay true to your vision for each image because it’s easy to get lost in the woods. 

-via Shutterbug

Photo: Kaique Rocha / Pexels


Can’t Seem to Stop Checking Your Phone? Try These Useful Tips

Psychologist Dr. Logan Jones says that while social media ‘detoxes’ can be helpful in some cases, it’s more important to explore why you need to take a break in the first place. 

"On a deeper level, these social media companies know exactly what they are doing [from] a neurological perspective. What they're doing is called intermittent reinforcement -- it's what casinos do too with slot machines. And it's the same with swiping on Tinder or checking your Instagram. The addiction is the reward pathway, it's a dopamine hit," Jones said. 

So, instead of quitting Facebook or Instagram cold-turkey, try lessening your social media intake bit-by-bit. For example, Jones suggests “turning off notifications, turning off vibrate, and using a feature on your phone that monitors how much time you spend on social apps.”

"Addiction is anything you do to escape a feeling that has a life-damaging consequence. So a lot of people will turn to social media to escape a feeling of boredom, loneliness, wasting time -- whatever feeling they want to escape. The life-damaging consequences of social media addiction are that you are not present and as engaged with life," Jones said.

These evaluation questions can guide you in your self-assessment.

It’s also helpful to replace your social media addiction with positive habits, like reading, exercising, or meeting up with friends in real life. But don’t be discouraged and give up if you feel the urge to check your phone for Facebook updates 3 seconds after you pick up a book. It takes at least 3 weeks or 21 days for new habits to fully form, according to Jones. 

In summary, social media is like a drug, so it’s best to take your recovery efforts one step at a time. Understand where the problem of your social media addiction comes from by assessing your own motives and then find new healthy habits to replace your addiction. But don’t forget to be patient with yourself, we are all a work in progress. 

Finally, always consult a health professional first regarding any questions or issues you have, these tips are no substitute for medical advice. 

You can find out more about positive reinforcement and building better social media habits here.

Photo: ROBIN WORRALL / Unsplash


Google Assistant Brings Frozen Characters to Life with Bedtime Story Voice Feature

Kids love Frozen. It’s obvious from the animated feature film’s box-office success to the seemingly endless sale of books, video games, dolls, Broadway shows, and even cereal! Now Princesses Elsa and Anna, two fictional but larger-than-life characters, have made it to Google.

Google is bringing the leading ladies even closer to fans with a skill available by default on all Google Assistant devices. Just say, “Hey Google, tell me a Frozen story” and...

When you do, you’ll launch the skill (there’s some music and an intro), which takes you to a campfire with some of the film’s main characters. After the intro has finished playing, you or your child can select a character you’d like to tell you a story.
It’s a fun trick, and a free one, and is bound to impress younger kids.

Check out LifeHacker for more details. 

Video: YouTube


Cats Hate This Guy!

This Christmas season, we could all use some practical tips to minimize stress in our homes. Cat owners know how difficult it is to keep a cat off a Christmas tree. And thanks to the Internet, life-changing remedies to mundane challenges are just a click away. Nick Douglas, seeing this problem, compiled answers from various Reddit users about how we can best manage cats on Christmas. Douglas, writing for LifeHacker, says,

Cats love Christmas trees. A lot of them love messing with the tree, even climbing it. They’ll knock off the ornaments, make needles fall, and even topple the tree. I looked through Reddit, where every user owns two hundred cats, digging through years of posts for the best advice on keeping cats from ruining Christmas trees or hurting themselves.

Discover those Holiday Hacks here.

Photo: Valentina Sotnikova / Unsplash


NASA Features Photo of Lightning Strike Underneath the Milky Way

“Electric Night” photographed by Ivan Pedretti was featured on Wednesday’s ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration website with the caption: 

It may appear, at first, like the Galaxy is producing the lightning, but really it's the Earth. The featured nighttime landscape was taken from a southern tip of the Italian Island of Sardinia in early June. The foreground rocks and shrubs are near the famous Capo Spartivento Lighthouse, and the camera is pointed south toward Algeria in Africa. 
In the distance, across the Mediterranean Sea, a thunderstorm is threatening, with several electric lightning strokes caught together during this 25-second wide-angle exposure. 
Much farther in the distance, strewn about the sky, are hundreds of stars in the neighborhood of our Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. Farthest away, and slanting down from the upper left, are billions of stars that together compose the central band of our Milky Way.

NASA selects a different photo of the cosmos each day. Here's the latest one!

-via News18

Photo: Ivan Pedretti


How to Ramp Up Restaurant Quality in 2020

Fortune lists the five best things restaurants did in 2019 to improve dining experiences across America. From cuisine fusion to statement wallpapers and start-up boosters to non-alcoholic cocktails (good news, pregnant mommies), these moves by big names in the restaurant scene can inspire more restaurateurs to keep finding creative ways to improve their business. 

I must say, what probably takes the cake on this list is the considerate gesture by several restaurants to keep toiletries, like diapers and menstrual products, in their customer restrooms. 

Read the full story by Naomi Tomky

Photo: Marcus Herzberg / Pexels


DIY Saunas Just in Time For Winter

“Eco-friendly, backyard DIY saunas” is not a phrase you would encounter every day. Thankfully, BZB Cabins and Outdoors turns this dream into a reality with their reasonably *coughs* priced Sauna Kits. 

BZB recently rolled out a collection of “ready-to-assemble outdoor sauna kits that can be set up by two people in just a few days.”

The BZB saunas are the ultimate DIY project for those needing to unthaw during the freezing winter months. Costing between $5,000 and $14,950, the ready-to-assemble sauna kits come in a variety of styles, such as barrel, oval and igloo-shaped. The kits also come in different sizes, from a tiny, two-person sauna to a larger structure that fits up to eight people.

Get in loser, we’re going thawing. 

Find out more at Inhabitat.

Photos: BZB Cabins and Outdoors

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