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My annoyance with the ending has more to do with the last season than with the actual finale. Given the story line of the last season, I can't imagine an finale that would have felt satisfying. I would have been happier as a fan without the entire season.
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"Americans, on average, use 57 squares a day and 50 lbs. a year. Even still, the toilet paper market in the United States has largely plateaued."

Really? That must be a typo. How could the average American really use 57 squares of it a day? I consider myself an average American and I know I don't use anywhere near that amount.
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Although the individual bills represent "legal tender for all debts, public and private", I suspect the school could have refused taking cash in this case. Everywhere you go there are signs at businesses that they do not accept $50 or $100 bills, so why does the school have to accept $1 bills? I hope they add the cost of paying someone to count the cash to his next tuition bill.

I had a friend in grad school that dressed up like a pirate and payed a fee (I think ~$1200) via a chest filled with Sacagawea dollars (although there was some cash in the chest because the bank didn't have enough of the $1 coins). I wasn't a fan of putting the office staff through the pain, but they seemed to enjoy the break from the ordinary.
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Thomas - I'm afraid your discussion might be a bit backward. You're suggesting that there is too much supply in some cities because flats aren't as expensive as London (one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in). The real issue is the supply in London and limiting construction elsewhere isn't likely to force additional construction in London.
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Way to go Martin! You've really made it now that you're on Neatorama!!! I can personally attest to the amazing skills of Martin Spitznagel. You should really check out some of his youtube videos!
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Folks are watching too many sci-fi movies. Guided weapons are not weapons that can follow a moving target mid-flight. It simply means that the weapon has the capability for minor course corrections to a predetermined laser or gps aim point.

A rail gun actually has enormous defensive value, especially for ships or as a ballistic missile defense.
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My gut reaction was that skin cancer liability would be huge, but royalties on solar power and agriculture might make it worth while.

I hereby make my claim to Pluto. It got dissed as a planet, but I'll take it!
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Of course it is cheating! If you were to copy "word for the word" the essay of a classmate then more than likely neither of you would get credit for the assignment, right? Why would this not be considered cheating just because you can't get caught?
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The safety aspect of not using cell phones is way over stated (mythbusters did a show on it a while back). However, I hope they never allow cell phone calls on flights. The last thing I want is the person next to me jabbering on a phone during the entire flight.
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Without at minimum a height adjustment I can't imagine how this design could be implemented in a way that meets safety standards.

Certainly wouldn't be easy for disabled or elderly people to get in and out, and wouldn't market well to the business crowd that does work on a plane. I suspect the market of people willing/able to sit in these seats is rather small.

On the up side you don't have to worry about the idiot in front of your reclining their seat for the entire flight.
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How could you possibly quantify Zuckerberg as being more powerful than anyone else in the top ten (yes, he has money, but website provides zero public service and is relatively politically neutral)? Not even close to neat...
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