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Guess who had a huge part in making DDT? Monsanto--who is now the biggest supplier of fruit and vegetable seed in the United States. Ps, they also helped make Agent Orange.
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Heck no.

The sci-fi writers of the past were right. We have given our health away to big business and our humanity away to COWS. This is a cautionary tale come to life.

What worries me even more is that the milk may not even come properly labeled. I mean, in America products containing genetically modified plant ingredients aren't labeled as such. Do you really see the Monsanto-backed FDA deciding that we deserve to know which products we buy contain THIS abomination?
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I'm not surprised they've fallen on hard times. I used to love Borders...but then the recession hit and I discovered Amazon and used bookstores like Bookmans. Really, why would anyone pay $10 for a book that they can get for $3 used? Books aren't like underwear; who cares if someone else used it before you?
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I've grown these chickens before. They're cool to look at, but they tend to die pretty easily. (None of mine ever lived to the laying stage.) I think the sun gets to them because that vein in their neck isn't protected. It probably wouldn't be a problem in mild climates, but I live in Arizona. (In other words, what the article says about hot climates probably isn't true. Maybe a naked neck would help in warm climates, but God help a naked neck in the 120 degree sun...)
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Jess: The husband in the illustration is probably pictured with horns to suggest that he is a cuckold (meaning that his wife was cheating on him.) If you already knew that, good for you! :-D
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Woot! Good for him. More people need to give these books a chance instead of just making fun of them. I mean they may be a little trashy, but they're fun, harmless wish fulfillment and in the end that's all that matters.
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'Do I really want to be a vampire?' Throughout the series, Bella BEGGED any and all vampires to make her one of them. That was all she wanted out of life; to be with Edward forever as a vampire.
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Heirloom carrots still are multi-colored. Here's a for instance:


So many of the foods we have been lost in the last century or two. Thank God there are still purple and white carrot seeds out there to be had! (Also--I hear the taste puts store-bought carrots to shame!)
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In her (awesome) book 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,' Barbara Kingsolver talks about how there is an entire cottage industry in Italy devoted to this very thing. Tourists stay at family farms--eating, socializing and boarding with the farmer's family just like a bed and breakfast--except they also come to work. This isn't a new thing. It's just new to America.

And I for one welcome it.
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