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It was last year it came time to retire my twenty year old Mercury Grand Marquis with 220,000 miles. The engine and transmission were still in good was everything else that was falling apart. The cost of repairs would equal several new car payments, and by that rule of thumb, it was time to say adieu. The secret to longevity? Religious oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer on time, including engine and transmission. Sticking with the recommended fuel octane is another (87 octane for this vehicle). I also followed all the recommendations in the Jalopnick article except for turning off accessories -- modern cars in the past 30 years do this for you. In another 20 years, I hope to write the same with my current vehicle :)
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I'm always a sucker for "haunted" places -- and this house was always part of urban lore growing up in the Los Angeles area. That it sat empty for so long fueled the rumors. There's some pictures still out on the web someone took before the renovation...well worth checking out. Always knew it was simply a matter of time until the value of the property exceeded the stigma. If anything, it all very well might add to the value..."haunted" sells.
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Ah the Internet, giving a voice to those who should never have one.These people are happy regardless of their financial situation and what others think. Happiness is often a choice we hold the power to make. The critics should bear that in mind. Cheers to the new couple and their friends.
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I saw a recent CivicScience Poll that asked if we should ban use of Arabic Numerals...and half the people said yes we should. Uneducated, xenophobic...and they get to vote. It's not been a popular subject, but I'm of the inclination there should be some sort of testing for the privilege of voting. Certainly at least a demonstration of grasp of basic terms, civics, and history. Most natural born citizens of the USA couldn't pass the citizenship test given to immigrants.
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Jesus was not a zombie. He was not mindless for did he consume anyone. Nor was he a ghoul or a wight. Although his soul and intellect were intact, he was not a rotting corpse. He was not a vampire. While he turned wine into blood, he never drank from a person. Jesus was not a ghost or a wraith. He was corporeal and still had his wounds.
It is clear...Jesus was a lich.
A lich is created when a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells and/or rituals to bind his soul to his animated corpse and thereby achieves immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, their bodies still bearing he wounds they received before their death. Liches often have the power of necromancy, which allowed them to bring the dead back to life.
Yeah...still too many games like that on Steam! :P
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From childhood illness, I've severe tinnitus. A good night's sleep was impossible until finding white noise generators to mask the issue. Brownian noise is my favorite to use, even when the ringing isn't terrible it facilitates a better night's sleep.
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Ah yes, the days before digital music. If one was lucky, a Japanese or British pressing of the album would show and it was well worth the extra money. American pressings were not pure vinyl; they are hard plastic with vinyl coating. Pure vinyl can be held up to bright light and see through, and possess superior sound quality. Extremely lucky...Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Original Master Recording. I remember distinctly purchasing the White Album as such, the sound was so good the analog tape hiss was present throughout. Next best thing to hearing it in studio.
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