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While that may be technically true, "scrunchy" is the colloquial term for that particular hair accessory. If someone asked me for a hair scrunchy I would know that they are looking for an elastic band encased in an inch-wide (approximately) tube of cloth.
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The one that always makes me stop and repeat it many times in different forms is Ague (a fever (as malaria) marked by paroxysms of chills, fever, and sweating that recur at regular intervals). Is it awg, agway, ah-goo, ah-ju. This thread has now given me the tools I need to end the seemingly endless debate . . . Ah, it's A-gyou.
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There's a similar one in Lincoln, CA and it always makes me do a double-take. It's just a little creepy and wanders too close to the uncanny valley.
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The instruction list that came with my husbands Androgel was long and detailed and his doctor was very emphatic about anyone else coming into contact with the medication. My husband's very careful with when he applies it and what or who he touches afterward.

We laughed long when he read the list because it states very clearly, "Do not apply to your penis or testicles!" I can totally see some guy thinking that he could get more from the gel if only he was creative about where he applied it.
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There were only 24 episodes of the original Jetsons? It seems like so much more. (And, yes, I know that it was re-vamped in the 80's for after school television, but still)
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Sparks from hitting rocks are not an uncommon way that wild fires start around here. Whether it's while mowing your lawn or golfing, rock strikes can be dangerous.
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My grandparents were un-divorced for the last 10 years of my granddaddy's life. They couldn't stand living with each other any more so my grandfather moved out.
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I don't care how much this young man may look like a young Abe, it just isn't him.

You can tell simply by the clothes. The tie, the waistcoat, the jacket. . . all of those items are no older the 1880's.
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Never mind that the budget hasn't passed and that state employees are facing federal minimum wage and that the economy of the state is circling the toilet, our legislators always have the best interests of Californians in mind.
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