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The moon is moving away from Earth at about 4 centimeters per year. Combine that with greedily mining it, and I feel like we're just accelerating doom for us on Earth. I don't think the moon has the ability to rejuvenate anything we take from it.
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At the college where I work, students generally prefer textbooks in print because they're a reliable form of technology. The battery level on a book is never low.
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I have never been able to get my head around reading on a Kindle or Fire or other tablet, despite how convenient they seem. I love having the book in my hand, flipping the pages, and looking around. It's a physical and emotional thing that the tablet will never recreate
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This is why we need to keep humans in the loop. Under many circumstances, I prefer dealing with a fellow human being rather than some ice-cold machine.
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In the 1982 film _Poltergeist_, it is revealed that the character portrayed by JoBeth Williams is 32 years old, and she has a 16 year old daughter therein. I have personally known two people who were grandparents by age 30 so Jane Jetson will have to do better than that to impress me.
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Ah cell medium, a very fraught subject in biology. Two quick points that were not covered, or not covered very well in the article. First, the red color comes from a chemical, phenol red, that is used to monitor pH. If the solution gets too acidic it turns yellow, too basic and it turns purple. Although phenol red has been used forever, it is a slight estrogen mimic, which can alter how the cells work, especially if you are looking at estrogen receptors, but you can get EMEM and DMEM without phenol red.

Second, the article dosen't really talk about another important part of cell media, FBS or fetal bovine serum. This is added to the cell growth media to provide important hormones (like insulin) and other growth factors (which aren't completely understood) to the cells. This is an animal product which varies from batch to batch, and you can see how this causes issues in repeat-ability, as well as not being a human product for studying human cells.
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