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Also, good job at speaking for "everyone". Obviously not even you value your own opinion enough to hold it accountable for a proper statement.

You are constantly posting dupes. Your readers have a right to complain about this. Unless you want to make a blog half full of dupes that tells everyone who complains about this to get lost, of course.

So is your plan to be a good blog or a crappy one? How about you get lost and stop embarassing the blog landscape of the net?
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O rly. Or are you just making this up you know 3 cultures, the communists, the nazis and the Americans, and you don't have a clue about each of them? XD
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@Rumson I'm not sure if Ryan really hates everything because, tl;dr.

One way or another, are you actually defending the fact that half of the postings here are dupes and that not even Alex reads what's being posted?
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