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I don't need big government telling me how to answer the phone especially with the attendant waste on memos, training and the announcement itself.

Where's your fiscal responsibility, South Carolina!?
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oh my god oh my god oh my god

Seriously, how one size fits all are these? I wear a size 12 and have a terrible time with "one size fits all" being too small.

Please help me, tell me, can I get some custom made.


Yes, I'm serious, gimme gimme gimme!
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hey hey whack job state senator wants to get rid of the state rock, most Californians don't know we have one....and this Californian thinks it is a retarded idea!
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This is an easy program to write:

if (logged_in_to_blogging_software)
depressed := true;
else if (has blog)
depressed := true;
depressed := true;
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Not exactly sure what sucktackular's problem is, but, I thought the game was silly and fun and worth the buck.

Is it groundbreaking or game changing? No, it's just well done silly funny.
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Not fake. The phrase I've heard used is a rooster tail, saw it from Aquatic Park near the Maritime Museum a couple of years ago, it is not sonic boom, it may be the condensation cloud, the way it was explained to me was the exhaust from the jet pushing the water down and making it spray back up. It wasn't supersonic when I saw them do it, in fact it seemed to be moving rather slowly.

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