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I think people are confusing libertarianism with anarchy. Technically, anarchy's a type (or sub-type) of libertarianism, but most libertarians aren't anarchists. Libertarians generally believe in maintaining a minimal government in order to protect the state/country and to maintain the basic laws to govern the people. In the US, they tend to be strict constitutionalists.

To be honest, I think many (most?) independent voters in the US (who tend to disagree with the democratic & republican parties on many issues) are probably closer in political thinking to Libertarians, and would probably be better served by supporting the Libertarian Party than by continuing to vote for whichever republican/democrat they think is the lesser of two evils in any given election. Doing that just guarantees that they'll end up with another democrat/republican in office, which isn't what they really want anyway...
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They aren't shared to anybody (and they do provide a link so you can remove them), so right now, it's not really a problem.
But as we all know about Facebook, they often change their privacy/sharing without letting their users know in advance or without making it a choice the users has the option to select into (forcing them to find out by word of mouth, and then having to manually go in & turn stuff off...).
Consequently, I used the removal link to remove all my sync'd phone contact info.
Not gonna stop using Facebook over this though.
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